walking in Wales

over the long easter break, the missus and i took advantage of the great weather and a new present i was given (a guide to 30 walks in the south wales area) and got out and about. one of the things i was struck by, was if you like being outside and being blown away by not only the scenery by the wind as well, then why would you want to live anywhere else other than Wales? now clearly i am bias towards Wales (and as you will have noted from my blog title i am not Cymraeg born and bred and only came to Wales in 2004) but i pondered this as we went up the Blorenge.

aside from the great name of one of the peaks in the Beacons area, this was a great little walk with views across the Abergavenny area and is easily accessible so long as you can find the carpark. starting out at a the Carn-y-gorfydd carpark (here) its somewhat uphill but once you get there the views are fantastic. i’ve included some videos in this blog, in three parts – two from the way up and one from the very top of the Blorenge, which is the peak that you end up on top of – definitely a great place for a sandwich or two!

Video 1 – up the Blorenge (pt.1)

so the day we walked up the Blorenge it was incredibly windy as you’ll be able to hear on the video, so long as i’ve got the technology working (took me half an hour to log into youtube), but the views just get better and better the further along the walk you go. its not a very long walk, i think we did it in the time it said on the guide which was about 1hr and a half, so an easy afternoon ramble taking in great views.

Video 2 – up the Blorenge (pt.2)

and after you’ve put some effort in (not much as it slopes up quite smoothly) to get up to the top you have some great views across Abergavenny and the Black Mountains and eventually the “flanks of Gilwern Hill” or so my guide tells me.

Video 3 – top of the Blorenge (pt.3)

(apologies for the wobbling – nearly got blown over by the wind!)

so, what was this blog post about – how great it is to live in Wales. unfortunately i don’t think there’s enough Welsh blood in me to be lyrical and poetical about the scenery that i’ve tried to capture in the videos and that you can see pretty much anywhere in Wales with very minimal effort. how fantastic is it to live in a place where you can drive for an hour, or half an hour maybe if you know where you are going, drive from a major metropolitan centre and then be in a place like this?

obviously living in Wales i am incredibly lucky – i also recognise that i’m incredibly lucky to have a car and be able to get out and about. if you can get out of the city i would strongly recommend that you do so, get out get the fresh air and experience Wales as it was, in my humble opinion, meant to be. and if your walk takes you to a great little local pub, even better. North, south, east, west – Wales has fantastic scenery to offer all over the place (see a North Wales video below) and i would urge anyone who can to get out and see it.

Llynnoedd Cregennen

but please dont everyone go out when i’m out – its much better if you can see the Welsh landscape when there’s no one else around!