what? a life without books?

just a very quick, short one really. this story came to my attention today about how three in 10 children in the UK own no books and well, to be honest it made me quite sad and downheartened. as a person who was brought up on books and had every opportunity to read and still reads a lot and reads as part of my work life i could not imagine a life, let alone a childhood without any books.

“The survey of 18,141 young people found that four in 10 boys did not own any books, compared to three in 10 girls. Children who did not own books were two-and-a-half times more likely (19%) to read below their expected level than children who had their own books (7.6%), and were also significantly less likely (35.7%) to read above their expected level than book-owning children (54.9%).”

i recognise that i am in this instance coming off as quite middle class, etc, having books and having the time / chance to read etc and i was lucky enough to have a home life and family situation which encouraged reading and good teachers who did the same, but i think this is a really important issue.

we know that education, in the words of an oft quoted television series favourite of mine, “can be the silver bullet” and oftentimes a doorway into education is through reading.

i dont think i have anything more to say than this – a life without books is unthinkable to me, and i know that there are more important things in life – a stable and loving family, having enough money to heat and eat etc, but feeding the soul and captivating the imagination of young people is just as important and if there could be a “donate a book day” or something like a free library van that goes round and gives books to families that don’t have them that would be  a start and i’d certainly support it.